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If you are anything like me you are fiercely protective of your time and use your energy in places where it will benefit you best.  You are probably the kind of person who takes everything on because you know you are the best person for the job. You probably don’t even realize it but you might actually NOT be helping yourself.  This is where I can help...

Office Support and 

Executive Assistant

Setting up an office or closing one down?  Need help with documents and deadlines?  I can solve these problems for you.  Wherever in the world you are I can be your office support.  I can take care of your calendar, your travel and your business arrangements.  I can be there for you at meetings or events and make sure that you are seen in the best light possible.


Human Resources

Do you have a team that needs some leadership or do you have some tricky personnel issues that you could use some help with?   My experience in human resource management will benefit you.


Project Management

Sometimes there is so much to do that you can't see the wood for the trees!  That's the time you call me in to help you navigate your way through any project - any size!



With over 10 years experience in both video and live production, I can help you with your film, tv, web or live stage project.

Trade Shows and Event Planning

Whether you are planning a small gathering or a full scale trade show or event I can bring a steady hand from the beginning of planning to the day of the event, to make sure the site is cleaned up afterward so that everyone attending your event has the best experience possible.


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